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  Terms & Conditions
GTM Bids provides information services. Using any of the services of this website means that the costumer or visitor has accepted all the terms and conditions on this page. If there are any changes, they will appear on this page. We recommend for the costumer or visitor to see this page every time they log onto our website.

  Access Information
The costumer or visitor will be provided with a username and password (Access Information), based on the type of service the user subscribes for.
They will be responsible for the below:

       1. Authorized permission of the access information.
       2. Cannot authorize to sell, lend, or put up for public use or re-distribution of the access information.
       3. Maintaining the confidentiality of accessed information.
       4. Punishment of an act resulting in violation of copyright.
       5. The post of any offensive or menacing messages that cause any inconvenience to others.

The costumer or visitor should notify GTM Bids of any misuse or unauthorized use of their login information; otherwise the user will be responsible for any further damages caused.

 Payment and Refund Policy
Full access to our services, based on the subscription made, will be activated once the payment is confirmed. GTM Bids reserves the right to change the subscription fees at any given point in time and will notify the costumer on the membership payment options. Once the payment is done and the access to the subscription is made, there will be no refunds. However, the customer will have 15 days to review and report any discrepancy. After the mentioned due date, all charges will be considered as correct and payable by the customer.

GTM Bids is seeking continuous ways to improve our services. We reserve the right to improve, change, and modify our website as and when required. We will, however, update what we improved on our website on a regular basis. These changes will not decrease the functionality of the website and its services at any point of time.

The customer or visitor subscription means that the customer or visitor has acknowledged and agreed that all the materials (Text, Pictures, Contents And Information) on this website belong to GTM Bids and are protected by copyright or/and other property laws. Unauthorized use of the material may violate copyright, trademark, or other laws. The customer or visitor hereby agrees not to copy, reproduce, sell, distribute, publish, broadcast, or circulate any of the information available on this website. In case of any misuse of the information, the customer or visitor will be reported for their actions.

 Disclaimer of Warranties
Due to the fact that we collect our data from numerous sources, there may be delays, omissions, corrections, and even inaccuracy of information of the services we provide. GTM Bids hereby declares that all the provided services are from the information received from their principles and does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, correctness, non-infringement, merchantability fitness, to a specific purpose of the information provided through the website. GTM Bids is not responsible for any loss caused by contingencies and negligence. The costumer or visitor agrees that legal claims, if any, connected to the services provided, shall not exceed the amount paid by the customer or visitor. GTM Bids reserves the right to alter arrangements for access to the service, cease the offering of the service, and terminate this agreement and service to the customer or user if there is a breach of this agreement or if the customer or user provides false or misleading information in regards to the agreement as well as if GTM Bids believes that the access information provided to the customer or visitor would constitute a breach to the agreement. In case of any breach by the customer or visitor, the company would terminate all the rendered services and claim damages that arouse from the breach.

GTM Bids has made a personal agreement to the customer or visitor; we shall not transfer their rights to anyone. Any dispute, claim, or controversy arising in any way connected to this agreement would be settled by the laws governing the United Arab Emirates and the courts of United Arab Emirates who have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes, claims, or controversies in respect to GTM Bids.
If any further information is required, please contact us at;

Po.Box 377391

Fax Hot Line: +971 56 1153315

Tel Tel: +971 4 3178011
Email E-mail: